Cruise Cochin

Queen of the Arabian Sea, Cochin, is one of the 100 Must See destinations in the world. A trip to Cochin is incomplete without a backwater cruise or a cruise around the city.

Cochin is a confluence of cultures: the British, Dutch, Portuguese and the Arabs have left their influence on the city and its life. While cruising around the city on your boat, you can enjoy the sights and sounds yourself. There are longer cruises on cruise liners to Goa, Mumbai, and Lakshadweep. On board restaurants, well stocked bars, fishing equipments and days of fun at sea are things that attract people to a cruise from Cochin.

There are short cruises on houseboats to nearby towns of Alleppey, Kumarakom and Kollam. It’s an ideal getaway from the tiring routines of city life. You can relax to music or just listen to the birds around, and they serve local sea food favourites.

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